Does Functional Training Really Help

Here are the top reasons you should consider joining a functional training program this year! But wait. A lot of you might be wondering what is functional training after all? Let’s cut to the chase. In easy words, functional training is a set of movements, which help your body gain not only strength but also […]

The 3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Ladies Gym in Abu Dhabi

Everyone seems to be enrolling in a ladies gym in Abu Dhabi these days. And why not? The benefits are seemingly endless: you lose weight you get healthier you feel good And there’s a significant improvement in your mental health. It’s not a good idea to just pick a random gym to join, however. It’s essential that […]

Fitness And Fasting In Ramadan

How to stay on track during Ramadan Ramadan is here. Throughout the year, Muslims look forward to welcoming this holy month. The spirit of Ramadan is not just to fast. It teaches patience, perseverance and self-discipline. For the past few years, Ramadan brings its blessing in the summers. For the rest of the world it […]

Choosing a Fitness Center in Abu Dhabi

UAE Summers – Best for Workout UAE and summers – its like they are made for each other. Summers are dreadful in Abu Dhabi, without a doubt; the sweat, the heat and the non-stop thirst. But, terrible summers are also all about chilled drinks for dehydration, ice creams for beating the heat and watching movies […]

Fight Your Way To Fitness with Martial Arts

Fight Your Way To Fitness At The Best Gyms In Abu Dhabi! We all want to look and feel our best at all times. And we all know the way to achieving this is through a healthy, balanced diet and workout. When it comes to workouts, Emiratis are spoilt for choices. Everything under the sun […]

Rise and shine Abu Dhabi! Get yourself enrolled in Morning Gym Class today!

Two hacks for nailing a morning workout routine Have you been planning to start the day off on the right foot? Dreaming of adding zest to your routine with an energizing, early morning workout session? We are here with the most effective hacks to work up a morning exercis e routine in to your schedule. Morning […]

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Strength Training

Power tips to help you breeze through workouts! The New Year tends to add to the list of gym members each year. However, how many of them stay motivated and on track through out the year is not a secret to anyone. If you want to gain strength this year, worry not. We are here […]

Top 5 Reasons To Give Bootcamp A Shot In 2018

Tis the season of making New Year’s resolutions. And who doesn’t have I-need-to-get-fit on his/her list? As the year starts, we take a look at one of the most cherished treasures in the world of fitness. The Bootcamp! For those wondering, a bootcamp is, well, short and sweet. You commit for a specific period, work […]

Achieve Your Dream Body from the Best Gym in Abu Dhabi

It’s a few months after the New Year and like many others, you’re probably thinking of losing those excess pounds you gained from last year (assuming you did.) Whatever your reasons for doing so, you’re most likely looking for the best gym in Abu Dhabi so you can start working towards your #2018 fitness goals. Fortunately, you […]

Working Out in Group Fitness Training in Abu Dhabi

Group Fitness Training in Abu Dhabi has become a thing in the region. Adrenagy Training Club is one of the first to bring this new form of exercise in the area.  It doesn’t differ much from a regular exercise session. What sets it apart is that it brings a whole new level of excitement to an […]


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