Does Functional Training Really Help

Here are the top reasons you should consider joining a functional training program this year!

But wait. A lot of you might be wondering what is functional training after all? Let’s cut to the chase. In easy words, functional training is a set of movements, which help your body gain not only strength but also balance and agility. As a result, you get a leaner, more toned body, which can perform your everyday movements in a much smoother fashion.  What’s even better is the fact that functional training programs consists of movements, which are not only easy for beginners but also for those recovering from injuries. These programs are designed in such a way to prevent injuries in the first place. In other words, a functional training program is the safe way to get fit.

That said, how can a functional training program help you achieve your goal? And the biggest question of all, where to find them? These kind of modern, innovative programs can be found at some of the top gyms of Abu Dhabi.

What It Consists Of?

A functional training program consists of various functional movements such as squats, rotations, walking, running, pushing, hinging and pulling among others. These exercises ultimately give you an edge while performing everyday activities. These exercises help you in developing and enhancing the role of stabilizing muscles, creating overall synergy in your movements and improving balance and coordination.

Why Does It Work?

Functional training exercises utilize multiple muscle groups rather than just one or two. This causes your body to gain strength at a holistic level. When you opt for only strength training, you train a few muscles at a time. Whereas functional training exercises require the use of body as a whole, building lean muscle mass and burning more fat.

Where Can I Find Functional Training Programs In Abu Dhabi?

This city is full of great gyms. If you are just starting out or are getting back to exercise after an injury, you will find some of the best gyms in Abu Dhabi offering these trainings. One of the top gyms of Abu Dhabi, Adrenagy Training Club offers a great functional training program for all levels. Having a good trainer by your side always helps in achieving your goals in the quickest and safest manner.

Having a fit body has much more benefits than just physically appearing fit. When you are in good shape, you not only feel great but also feel active and energized throughout the day. Exercise benefits your body and soul in a lot of ways. Programs like the training exercises ensure that everyone can achieve fitness without over stressing their bodies. So if you had getting fit on your new year’s resolution list, you know where to begin!


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