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Our Team



Our ultimate vision is to make you feel happier and better. Decrease your stress levels and live a healthier & productive life with our regimes.

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Adrenagy is a complete approach to fitness. We push you beyond your limits, teach you how to fuel your body, monitor your progression and help you adopt a mindset that will not accept failure.



We understand that your time at the club is time for yourself, away from work and family. We also understand that you are not just here for exercise, but to enjoy your time in a friendly environment.



Let us show you how to make most of your workout sessions and stay on track.



Dedicated, passionate, intelligent; from yoga to martial arts.




Our ultimate vision is to make you feel happier and better. Decrease your stress levels and live a healthier & productive life with our regimes.

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    Fitness Classes
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    Pregnant Women
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All programs

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Challenge yourself and experience positive, effective, unstoppable determination.


Adrenagy is tailored to suit your lifestyle.

Get started with training sessions, initial physical analysis, personalized plan while keeping in view your limitations.

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Choosing your health and fitness is one of the most amazing things that you can do for your body. With this, you will be putting years in your life and life in your years. However, this requires patience, consistency, and a whole lot of passion.

At Adrenagy, a leading gym in Abu Dhabi, we want to help you create this new lifestyle. We will not only provide the tools and a safe space to work on yourself but we also offer the most exciting and potent training sessions under the supervision of the top coaches in the city to help you get into that power mode in no time.

Choose One of the Most Amazing, Power-Packed Training Sessions at the Top Gym in Abu Dhabi

Adrenagy is not just an ordinary gym in Abu Dhabi. It is so much more than that. We want to be an asset to your fitness journey and make it an extraordinary experience for you. This is why, we not only provide the best, state-of-the-art equipment and thrilling, power-packed training sessions, but also offer a fun, happy, and super supportive environment where you will just forget everything for a while and just enjoy yourself to the fullest.

We provide an extensive range of training sessions and holistic workouts for you to choose the one that you enjoy the most. You can go for kickboxing, MMA training, Crossfit, and many other fitness programs and get trained under the top-notch trainers in the whole city.

Build the Body that You Desire with the Help of World-Famous Trainers and Experts in Abu Dhabi

Adrenagy Training Club houses some of the world’s best trainers and fitness gurus all across the UAE. Our trainers are not only highly experienced but also impeccably expert in mentoring the people and turning them into passionate and energetic individuals in no time.

At our cheap and best gym in Abu Dhabi, we provide specialized and perfectly customized fitness routines and programs to each one of our members and the best part is that you won’t have to drill a hole in your pockets to create the lifestyle and the body that you want. With our market-competitive programs, we make sure that you get the premium quality services and facilities right in your budget.

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Interested in booking a training session today? Call us right now on +971 2 444 1121 or send us an email at and our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.


We are all set to make a Revolution in UAE'S Fitness Industry.

Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

Adrenagy Fitness Center ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

The best training center ever,I joined before 3 months and with the help of the expertise coach Leo, I have improved my fitness and muscle gain. He is the best coach ever where I ha e experienced his care and follow up, as well as the several useful advises that he gave to me. I really feel comfortable and confident under the training of coch Leo. God bless him.
Dreamer k 2021.07.10 — in the last week
I've been going there for a few months now and I love the environment there, the staff is very helpful and has great communication, I would definitely recommend going there. Personal thanks to coach Gareth for being a great coach
Karim Bakhoum 2021.05.24 — a month ago
I’m training with coach Sabah since 9 months. I appreciate all the efforts and time she put on me in the gym. It’s been awesome working with you as a personal trainer. You have kept me focused on my goals and enabled me to achieve them. Thank you again
Mar Al Mazrouei 2021.05.30 — a month ago
I’ve been training here for almost a year now, I like it here, specially coach Sabah she motivates me and I’m seeing amazing results on my body. the whole staff are super friendly and there are a variety of equipments, the place is clean as well
Sumaya Al Ameri 2021.06.01 — a month ago
I am commending the Fitness center for their vast diversity of the sports facilities. Customer care and reception of the visitors is outstanding. Well deserved
gubkinec Oil Man 2021.05.24 — a month ago