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Throw in the excitement with a martial arts or boxing training program.

Learn a variety of martial arts skills such as Muay Thai, Kick Boxing & Boxing, with our international martial arts gurus. Get trained in the state-of-the-art training arena with an official fight ring. Join in on the action during a training session or compete during one of our fight nights.

Learn to Fight Like a Champion – Join Our Top-Rated Boxing Training in Abu Dhabi

So are you a die-hard fan of Floyd Mayweather and want to be a world-famous boxer like him? We know it is hard, but you’ve got to make a start somewhere. So buckle-up and join us at Adrenagy Training Club to get the most outclass boxing training in Abu Dhabi and learn the hard-core way of becoming a real champion.

Our Famous Kickboxing Classes in Abu Dhabi will Help You Blow off Steam the Right Way

At Adrenagy, it doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an expert. We provide a number of kickboxing classes in Abu Dhabi for all intensity levels. Moreover, our excellent ladies kickboxing classes in Abu Dhabi are quite popular among women in the city. These sessions are a perfect outlet for you to showcase your talent and hone your boxing skills sweating away the days’ worth of stress meanwhile.

At Adrenagy, we provide exhilarating boxing training in Abu Dhabi under the supervision of some of the world-class boxing trainers and coaches in the world who are more than happy to mentor the passionate, energetic individuals and teach them their best kickboxing techniques and tactics.

Strengthen Your Core and Power Up Your Stamina with the Best Boxing Gym in Abu Dhabi

Kickboxing is the ultimate sport. It is not only a full-body workout but it also stimulates and fuels the mind and the five senses. With our grueling and hard-core boxing classes in Abu Dhabi, you will not only learn to fight like a champion but also start feeling like one courtesy of all those powerful muscles that you are going to build in the process.

And what is a better way of knocking someone out than in a fun, supportive environment that we provide at Adrenagy Training Club?

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