Weight Management Program

Maximize Power & Build Muscles.

Forge your muscles with an extensive inventory of free weights and strength equipment at Adrenagy.

Increase power, coordination and muscle mass by stressing your bones through strength training. You can also increase bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. At Adrenagy, we will be behind your back. Our team is present at the floor to assist you with the weights and your exercise regime.

Weight Loss Program

 3 months – (Package to be discussed with the sales manager and FD)

  1. Initial comprehensive assessment ( includes monthly re- assessment)
  2. Fitness testing ( part of initial assessment to determine the fitness level)
  3. Designed Program for weight loss (12 weeks training program with the certified coach)
  4. Detox Plan (free hand outs for detox)
  5. Balanced diet (available in our meal plan) James to suggest good package that will include in 3 months program.

12 Weeks Program:

Functional movement and Resistance training 

Phase 1 Stability and Mobility Training 

The goal of Phase 1 is to develop postural stability throughout the kinetic chain without compromising mobility and to re- establish joint mobility without compromising stability. The focus should be on the introduction of low intensity exercise programs to improve muscle balance, muscular endurance, core function, flexibility and static and dynamic balance to improve the clientʼs posture. 

Strength Training (week 1-2 all muscle group) 3 days per week


Week 1

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3


15 reps x 1

15 reps x 2


Week 2


Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

15 reps x 3

15 reps x 3

15 reps x 3


Phase 1 Aerobic base training– 65% to 75% MHR less than 30 minutes


Phase 2: Movement Training

The focus of Phase 2 is on training movement patterns. Building on Phase 1 training, the goal is to he develop good movement patterns and improved mobility within the kinetic chain without compromising stability

The training focus is on the Fundamental training (five primary movements): 

  • Bend and lift (squatting)
    ·Single leg movements (walking and lunging) 
  • Pushing 
  • Pulling 
  • Rotation

Strength Training (week 3-4 split /Upper-lower body, with supersets)

Week 3 & 4















Phase 2 Aerobic efficiency training– moderate intensity 76% -85% MHR  more than 30 minutes


Phase 3: Load Training:

Training in Phases 1 and 2 addresses postural imbalance and muscle motor control to develop postural stability and proper movement sequences. This allows for external loads to be added during full body movements, with a minimized risk for injury.

Strength Training – week 5-6 four days Training

Week 5-6

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3







Phase 3 Anaerobic endurance training–high intensity interval training


Phase 4: Performance Training:

The focus of Phase 4 is specific training to improve speed, agility, quickness, reactivity and power. Many clients will not progress to this phase of training. Those in Phase 4 should continue to maintain postural stability and proper movement patterns, which can be facilitated by incorporating Phase 1 and Phase 2 training as dynamic warm ups.

Exercise selection in this phase can include a variety of techniques, including: 

  • Plyometrics 
  • Medicine ball throws 
  • Kettlebell lifts 
  • Traditional Olympic style lifts

Strength Training week 7-8 Heavy/light

Week 7 heavy       5 RM power lifter            8 RM strength

Week 8 light             15 RM    

Phase 3 Anaerobic Power training–high intensity interval training  



Strength Training week 9-10 Forced reps

10 RM –following to failure of 10 RM, keep the bar moving 2-4 counts for 3-4 extra reps.


Strength Training week 11-12 Stripping – set the bar to 12 reps after concentric failure at 12 RM stripped off the bar half weight and continue exercise performing reps reaching failure

Week 13 Active rest

Each client has a unique entry point in each training component, and can progress and regress within each training component as needed.


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