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Ladies Club Abu Dhabi

The Best Ladies Gym in Abu Dhabi

Adrenagy for Ladies is not just a workout place.

It’s a celebration of active women who sweat for themselves, no matter who they are, how they look or what they do. They are all champions.


Adrenagy is a fitness club for women in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Our determined focus on lifestyle and fitness offers the best solutions that sets Adrenagy apart from all else. Our personalized programs, state of the art equipment and holistic workouts are the optimum brand for your health. Our exclusive factors in personal progression are optimized for only you.

Ladies Club in Abud Dhabi
Ladies Club in Abud Dhabi


The power of one woman is infinite. Imagine the power of tens and hundreds.

Join our female squad and discover your true power.


Experience how a truly personalized and tailored workout can drive your lifestyle forward.

At Adrenagy, we work on the principle that every body is unique. We realize that every body needs different fuel and workout regimen. We take pride in our personal training programs. Our certified training professionals are always available to valued customers to study the client’s body statistics, hand craft a food plan in coordination with a certified Nutritionist and plan out the perfect training scheme to guarantee fast and permanent results.

Cardio Classes - Ladies Gym Abu Dhabi


Tabata Workout - Ladies Gym Abu Dhabi


Grit Workout - Ladies Gym Abu Dhabi


Zumba Classes - Ladies Gym Abu Dhabi


Ladies Gym Abu Dhabi


Upper Body Workout - Ladies Gym Abu Dhabi

Upper Body


Show the world what women are made of. You are made of what you do.

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Whatever your goals, whatever your fitness level, whatever your familial duties - at Adrenagy, you’re the iron woman.

We believe, unlike many, that women are the future. So we provide the best because you deserve the best.

We have the newest gym equipment and the widest array of classes and programs to choose from at Adrenagy - all to empower our women.

Ladies Only Gym Abu Dhabi


After sweating it out, grab a well-earned bite at our equally exquisite café.

Look and Feel Absolutely Gorgeous – Be a Part of the No. 1 Ladies Gym in Abu Dhabi

At Adrenagy Training Club, we love to empower our women. We want you to feel strong, confident, and stunning. Our ladies gym in Abu Dhabi is exclusively designed to provide a lively space for you to enjoy quality time building yourself up and a safe haven to just be yourself and tune out the worries of the world for just a while.

Best Ladies Only Gym in Abu Dhabi

Brings the Most Amazing Fitness Classes in the City for You.

Get ready for our fun-filled Zumba classes, power-packed Cardio sesh, and high-intensity workouts at one of the top ladies’ gyms in Abu Dhabi that are carefully planned by our world-class trainers and instructors in the city. You can also join our mind-blowing sessions for Yoga, Pilates, Cross fit and the Strength Training to blow off some steam and tone up your gorgeous body.


At Adrenagy, we provide specialized training programs and fitness solutions for each one of our members that are perfectly tailored to suit their needs, routines, and budget. Not only that, these programs are supervised by our trainers to ensure that your fitness journey is smooth and one of the most amazing, life-changing experiences for you.

Women Rule the World - Sweat Your Heart Out and Make New Friends at the Adrenagy Ladies Gym Abu Dhabi

Our excellent team at Adrenagy works hard to not only help you transform the body but change the mindset as well. Our women think like a champion, work as a champion, and feel like a champion. We will help you set into motion and turn your life around.


Adrenagy Training Club is not just an ordinary gym. We make sure that you spend fun, quality time here. This is why we have also designed some special hangout corners and the Adrenagy Ladies Café where you can enjoy with your girlfriends while having a delicious healthy snack after an arduous training session.

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Forget the stresses of home life. Tune out
the wailing. Leave behind the to-do list.
Sweat out worries. Leave
stress free.

Find your own definition of perfect.

Sweat for a purpose. Let Adrenagy pave the way.

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    Forget the stresses of home life. Tune out
    the wailing. Leave behind the to-do list.
    Sweat out worries. Leave
    stress free.

    Find your own definition of perfect.

    Sweat for a purpose. Let Adrenagy pave the way.

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