Top 5 Reasons To Give Bootcamp A Shot In 2018

Tis the season of making New Year’s resolutions. And who doesn’t have I-need-to-get-fit on his/her list? As the year starts, we take a look at one of the most cherished treasures in the world of fitness. The Bootcamp! For those wondering, a bootcamp is, well, short and sweet. You commit for a specific period, work your butt off, achieve results and go your way. A no-strings-attached, short-term fling. Perfect in this day and age.

Bootcamps today have come a long way from the military-inspired challenging trainings. The idea remains the same to date but the mode of operation has changed drastically.  There is an abundance of gyms in Abu Dhabi offering bootcamp classes. If you happen to have attaining fitness on your 2018 goals list, then this is just what you need. Let’s explore the top 5 reasons why you should give bootcamps a go next year.

Quick Fat Reduction

Results you can see. Needless to say, you need to put in the efforts first. But when you do, you are sure to see great results. The high intensity workouts, mostly based on cardio, will get your heartbeat up. Resulting in fat loss. You can find a lot of bootcamps in Abu Dhabi as per your convenience.

Make Muscle

They say, “Muscles maketh the man (and woman)”. Bootcamps are usually a combination of cardio and strength for maximum impact. Fast-paced movements increase your heartbeat, causing your body to burn more calories than it normally would. The strength training, coupled with the cardio, helps in building muscles. Thus making your body lean and strong. The key is to stay focused.

Newfound Confidence

We’d be lying if we say bootcamps are easy. They are not. These are specialist camps, designed to make your body sweat. Dragging you out of your comfort zone. The fact that you just withstood the 60 minutes of testing your mettle is a big achievement in itself. Knowing that you surpassed your fear and reached a new height, gives you a much-needed confidence boost.


Your fellow campers become your teammates. You all need to work together to get results. Nobody wants to be the one lagging behind and thus keeping the whole team back. And so, everyone works hard. Not only do you end up making friends, but you also get to give and get support from your team.


As odd as it may seem, it is a very interesting point. Bootcamps help you get more disciplined. The rigorous workouts need healthy diet pattern in order to get maximum results. And so you learn to take out time for exercise and maintain a healthy eating pattern, even after the camp finishes. This overall disciplined lifestyle helps in creating more self-awareness.

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