The Do’s And Don’ts Of Strength Training

Power tips to help you breeze through workouts!

The New Year tends to add to the list of gym members each year. However, how many of them stay motivated and on track through out the year is not a secret to anyone. If you want to gain strength this year, worry not. We are here with some tips and tricks to help you stay on track throughout the year.

DO – Pick A Good Gym for Strength Training

This right here is one of the most important elements in determining your success for the rest of the year. Particularly, if you are new to strength training. Just like you wouldn’t pick an average school for your child or an average university for yourself, similarly picking out an average level gym for yourself could be a deal breaker.  One of the best gyms in Abu Dhabi Adrenagy is an example of the kind of gym you should look for. A place, which offers top personal trainers to help you achieve your goals and keep, you motivated throughout the journey. Adrenagy also happens to have some of the best workout programs in Abu Dhabi for both rookies as well as pros.

DO – Start Small

It sure feels good to start off with a bang but does it really help your ultimate goal? The trick is to take baby steps and give yourself achievable goals. When you start a new program, your energy levels are at the peak, so is your motivation. But would you be able to take it up a notch in a few weeks without over-straining yourself? Again, this is where a good trainer will be able to help and guide you towards success.

DON’T – Overburden Yourself

It is very easy to set high standards for yourself and then get dragged down by the shear burden of those expectations. Don’t let fitness magazines tell you how you should handle your body. You know how much you can take, stick to what works best for you. All the top gyms in Abu Dhabi have great teams to help you determine your level.

DON’T – Forget To Eat Healthy

Strength training is no joke. You put your body through high levels of stress in order to change it. This strenuous process needs to be accompanied by proper nutrition and sleep. Supplements do help, but lets be honest, there’s a reason why it’s called food replacement and not food itself! Consulting with your trainer will help you figure out how much of what should you be including in your diet according to your workout level. It is essential that you get at least 8 hours of sleep to help your body repair and nurture.


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