Weight training and its benefits for women

In order to achieve an active lifestyle, and one without diseases that come with age, people follow different exercises and training routines. A very famous one among them is weight training. But when it comes to different training routines for women, there are a number of misconceptions. Women think that by lifting weights, they will bulk up and instead of having a lean figure, they might get one that is muscular and more masculine. A number of researches are there that say that this is a total misconception and very far from the truth.
Another huge misconception is that if women start weight training and then quit it, all the muscle mass they have gained will turn into excess body fat. Due to this, they will start looking chubbier than they did before.
But in reality, weight training is an excellent exercise for women as it is for men. There are a number of benefits for weight training. Some of them are as follows.

Helpful in burning calories and fats:

If you have been following different exercise routines in order to get rid of excess fat like yoga, then you should take up weight training. Lifting weights along with high intensity cardio is an excellent training regimen. This helps you in burning a lot of calories in a very short time, hence very helpful in burning fat. Not only that, but when you do cardio in addition to weights, your body reaches an EPOC phase (Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption phase) long after you have left the gym as well. This phase also burns a lot of fat long after exercise as well.

Tones body:

With the help of weight training along with a healthy diet, you can get a very lean body. That happens when you are able to build lean muscle mass and loose excess fat. The best benefit of mixing weight training with cardio is that whatever type of body you have, you can get the lean figure with beautiful curves.
Better metabolism:
When you age, your metabolism continues to slow down as well. So when the metabolism is slow, it will be difficult to convert the food that you are taking in to energy. This will make you gain weight and you will find it quite difficult to get rid of the weight as well. But if you build muscle with weight training and cardio, then your metabolism will not slow down. The reason for that is muscles contain mitochondria, which converts the glucose particles into energy that is then used up by body. So if you are losing muscle with the passage of time, the number of mitochondria in your body will decrease as well, hence more fat.


A lot of women stay away from weight training only because of the misconception that it helps in gaining mass. This could not be more far from the truth. The reality is quite opposite. With the help of weight training, not only can you get an amazing figure with curves, but there it helps you in maintaining it as well. So if you have been doing yoga or palates for a long time, without seeing any considerable effects on your fat or your figure, then it is about time that you start training with weights. You will start seeing results in just a few weeks.


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