There could be many reasons why you want to lift weights – possibly to lose weight and increase the lean muscle mass on your body in order to get fitter and smarter like your favorite celebrity or bodybuilder. However, there could be many benefits of strength training workouts in addition to fitness and strength. There are numerous health benefits of strength training such as a better posture, improved spinal health, increased bone density, better sleep, enhanced metabolic activity, lower body fat and protection from a number of chronic illnesses and diseases.

Let’s find out as to what these ultimate benefits of resistance training in Abu Dhabi are:

1. Healthier, Stronger Bones

Strength training and lifting weights can increase the bone density that can help us counter the effects of ageing that could lead to weakening, resorption and destruction of bones. Further deterioration of bones can result in a chronic disorder known as osteoporosis. Getting yourself enrolled into a strength training program in Abu Dhabi from a young age can help you prevent these bone and joint problems in future.

2. Protection from Chronic Illnesses

The sedentary lifestyle, stressful routines and poor eating habits can lead to many chronic illnesses and disorders such as cardiovascular problems, hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus Type 2, many types of cancers and tumors as well as a number of degenerative diseases such as Alzheihmer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Intense resistance training and cardio workouts improve our body’s metabolic activity, control our insulin and blood glucose levels and enhance regenerative and healing processes that help prevent such illnesses in the long run.

3. Lower Body Fat and Fitter Body

Strength training workouts help us burn extra calories and increase lean muscle mass. These muscles stimulate the fat burning process long after the workout has ended which makes strength training the ultimate fitness program for weight loss and body building.

There are many fitness centers and gyms that offer excellent strength training programs in Abu Dhabi. Get yourself enrolled into one of these training programs under the supervision of top fitness experts in the UAE and craft a healthier, smarter and fitter body.


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