Pre and Post Natal Fitness Program


Pre and Post Natal
Fitness Program

Pre and Post natal fitness program is design for new mom to be from their early pregnancy all the way around 3-4 months post birth. Our Program encouraged pregnant woman to exercise 30-45 minutes light to moderate intensity of exercise. Our instructors are fully qualified and specialize in pre and postnatal exercise.

Pregnancy can be a positive, emotional, and sometimes physically demanding experience. The goal of our program is to increase a pregnant woman’s energy and stamina while also improving her body’s strength and flexibility during pregnancy. This safe exercise program includes low-impact cardio, resistance training, and core training in order to prepare the body and core stability for childbirth.

Enjoy your changing body, take oxygen, stretch and carry your bump proudly. Stand up straightened prepare for what’s to come. Keep strong and healthy for you and your Baby.


Exercise during pregnancy

· Reduce risk of pregnancy complications

· Lower odds of delivery complications

· Speed post-delivery recovery

· Boost your mood

· Lower blood pressure

· Ease back and pelvic pain

· Fight fatigue

· Improve sleep

· Relieve constipation

Exercising after you’ve had your baby has the potential to boost both your physical and mental health. Here is how it helps:

· It works like magic in terms of restoring muscle strength and firming up your body

· It makes you less tired since it improves your sense of well-being and elevates your energy level.

· Helps lose weight

· Improve your cardiovascular fitness and rebuild muscular strength

· Enhance the strength of your abdominal muscles

· Improve your emotional state, relieve tension, and minimize the onset of postpartum depression

· Reduce the risk of pregnancy related complications

· Relieve constipation

· Reduce the risk of any complications that might occur after delivery.

· Speed up the recovery process after delivery

· Enhance your mood

· Lower blood pressure

· Relieve pelvic as well as back pain

· Fight fatigue

· Improve sleep

Program includes:

· Pre activity screening

· Exercise guidelines for Pre and Post natal

· Safe and effective tailored exercise program

· Session packages