All that You Need to Know About Body Pump and RPM

Are you looking for the perfect workout routine to get fitter, leaner and healthier? Body Pump and RPM are the two ultimate workouts that help you build lean muscle mass while effectively burning extra calories to get a toner, leaner athletic body. Many fitness centers and gyms offer excellent Body Pump and RPM training sessions and classes in Abu Dhabi under the supervision of world class fitness experts and trainers in the UAE.

Both of these workouts are intense, comprehensive and target your muscle cells making them an all-round fitness solution for your body. They are a specific blend of high intensity and low intensity cardio and strength training which challenge all your muscle groups and help you build stronger, leaner muscle mass.

Let’s find out what exactly are Body Pump and RPM workouts!

What is Body Pump and RPM?

Body Pump is a highly effective, calorie burning resistance training workout that comprises repetitive sections of low resistance workouts that exhaust the muscles. A complete 55 min workout session may consist of 10 different tracks and each track targets a specific muscle group. This workout increases your body’s lean muscle mass and enhances your body’s ability to burn calories long after the workout has ended by improving the metabolic activity of your body which makes it a more effective and potent exercise stimulus.

In contrast to that, RPM is the ultimate high intensity interval cardio training that is based on the concept of cardio peak endurance that maintains your heart beat at a steady aerobic rate i.e. 60 and 80 percent of your maximum heart rate with intervals of intense cardiac activity in between. This high intensity interval cardio workout that comprises cycling activity mostly induces a highly effective fat and calorie burning process. You can pair it up with low resistance strength training exercises and core workouts for better results.

You can expect to burn 500 to 600 calories per session for every 55 min Body Pump or RPM workout. Visit a good fitness center in Abu Dhabi for an excellent workout training session under the supervision of expert professionals and trainers in the UAE.


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