Why Us

What Adrenagy is About

It is not enough if you are offering equipment in a nice facility with group workout and friendly staff. The member of today wants her fitness to be an experience that delights her, entertains her, challenges her, and leaves her feeling she has gotten more than her money worth. 
How can we sell our brand and story for more?

Adrenagy's Foundational Truth

Adrenagy is training club for those who are looking for help to reach their fitness goals in friendly and interactive environment. Adrenagy is in the business of helping people get the fitness results they want. People come to us and pay us for guidance and motivation and program design, and they expect more from us than just a workout. They want to be challenged and delighted-a positive, interactive and fun place they consider as their 3rd place.


Adrenagy’s main competitive advantage is its Legendary Customer Service & Members’ Delight Experience. Staff goal is to establish & maintain positive relationship with members. We are in the relationship business with the goal to maximize results for the greatest number of members. Adrenagy is a service club, and its service is to help people get the fitness results they want.