Boggled By The Hoards Of Personal Trainers In Abu Dhabi? Here’s how to pick The One!

Personal Trainers in Abu Dhabi

Boggled By The Hoards Of Personal Trainers In Abu Dhabi?

Here’s how to pick The One!

Abu Dhabi is a vast city. It is one of those global cities where you are spoilt for choices. Making it difficult to filter out the good from the bad. It gets extra tough for the health and fitness conscious people. Whether it is your search for a good gym for group fitness training or a personal trainer, finding what works the best for you is a trial and error method for many. But it need not be so. What sets apart a good gym from a mediocre one is the level of personal training provided whether it is for personal or group fitness training. It is one of those elements, which can make or break a gym. So what do gyms with great personal training programs have that others don’t? We have done all the hard work here so that you don’t have to break a leg looking for the best personal training in Abu Dhabi. Read on below to find the answers.


Just like you wouldn’t go to a doctor without a degree (at least you shouldn’t), similarly you shouldn’t trust a non-certified person with your trainings.


If certification is a sundae, then experience is the cherry on top. It ensures a complete package for you. Yes, you can definitely save up a few bucks by going with a fresh-off-the-boat group and personal trainer but there is a reason why experienced ones charge more. We all have different temperaments when it gets to workouts. An experienced trainer who has been around the block for a while knows more about handling different clients. He has had more exposure to the industry and can guide and train you better than a rookie.


We don’t mean how well your trainer is connected to people of influence. This connection is about how well YOU connect with your prospective trainer. We all have our individual personalities. We react in our own different way. Some of us may like to be pushed and pressured to perform better, while some of us like a more rewarding and supportive approach in order to get moving. Similarly, each trainer has a different personality and method of working. Some prefer carrots while some choose sticks. It is best that you meet with your shortlisted candidates first and try to figure out if their methods resonate well with your personality.

Dominate the Domain

If you already have a set goal in mind, it is best to opt for a trainer who works in that particular domain. For example, if you are looking to increase your muscle mass and gain strength, opt for a trainer who excels in this field. He/she would know in-depth about the possible challenges and outcomes you might go through. Adrenagy is one of Abu Dhabi’s best gyms with top of the line trainers, all masters of their fields. It is worth checking it out if you find yourself wondering about which way to go.

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